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August Newsletter

Checkout Big Sky Suds


We are now offering amazing handcrafted soaps from Big Sky Suds in the office! Large bars are $4 and small bars are $2. So far I am loving the charcoal bar for all over, and the soft lavender bar for shaving. So yummy! The best part- they are made with love by my awesome friend Jenny and her family right here in Stillwater, MN. 

How early before an event can I come get worked on?


I can actually work with you up until the day of the event! Your massage is 100% customized, so we will do what is best for your body on the day you come in. I would not advise deep tissue massage the day before an event, but certainly we can do superficial releases, myofascial release and of course, lots of assisted stretching. 

Why do I need massages?


There is something that I learned only recently in my 15 year career. I learned that consistency is the most important thing with wellness. It's no suprise that getting muscle pain and spinal imbalances corrected takes time. When I was in PT I was discouraged from using words like "heal" or "fix". Now I know why so many people dislike thier PT. It is absolutely about healing and fixing! Our body will do that on it's own in the right environment. So if you are feeling frustrated, or like giving up on your body- just remember that your body is working hard for you 100% of the day. Trust in your own healing power and commit to a program that will allow you to get as good as you want to be.

About Us

Healthy Well-Being


Massage therapy increases the amount of blood flowing to the heart, and allows your blood to recover proper oxygen levels quickly. It can also reduce blood pressure, raise awareness and activation of tough to fire muscle groups (glutes and core anyone?) and improve recruitment within all muscle groups. This means more power from each muscle!

Techniques Used


In order to provide you with the most relief in as little time possible, we use a variety of research-based techniques. Each session is tailored to your specific needs that day.

Experienced Knowledge


Our massage therapists can assess your needs so you get the best results. We will work with your PT's. Chiropractors, Coaches and Trainers to get you comprehensive wellness.

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